ADI LT8228 100V双向电压或电流调节解决方案

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ADI LT8228 100V双向电压或电流调节解决方案

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ADI公司的LT8228是100V双向电压或电流同步调节器,具有反向电源,反向电流和故障保护功能,–60V 输入和输出负压保护,双向浪涌电流限制和升压输出短路保护以及开关 MOSFET 短路检测和保护,高达 100V 的宽输入和输出电压范围和10V 栅极驱动,具有广泛的自检,诊断和故障报告功能,可编程的固定或可同步开关频率从80kHz 至 600kHz,可编程软启动和动态电流限制.在整个温度范围内反馈电压容差为 ±1.0%.主要用在工业,汽车,医疗,军事和航空电子设备应用中需要 N+1 冗余或其他保护的高可靠性系统.中电网为您整理如下详细资料,本文介绍了LTR8228主要特性,框图,以及多种应用电路,以及演示板DC2351A主要特性,电路图,材料清单和PCB设计图.

The LTR8228 is a 100V bidirectional constant-current orconstant-voltage synchronous buck or boost controllerwith independent compensation network. The direction ofthe power flow is automatically determined by the LT8228or externally controlled. The input and output protectionMOSFETs protect against negative voltages, controlinrush currents and provide isolation between terminalsunder fault conditions such as switching MOSFET shorts.

In buck mode, the protection MOSFETs at the V1 terminalprevents reverse current. In boost mode, the sameMOSFETs regulate the output inrush current and protectsitself with an adjustable timer circuit breaker.

The LT8228 offers bidirectional input and output currentlimit as well as independent current monitoring.Masterless, fault tolerant current sharing allows anyLT8228 in parallel to be added or subtracted while maintainingcurrent sharing accuracy. Internal and externalfault diagnostics and reporting are available via the FAULTand REPORT pins. The LT8228 is available in a 38-leadTSSOP package.


 Bidirectional Voltage or Current Regulation
 Bidirectional Reverse Current Protection
 Input and Output Negative Voltage Protection to –60V
 Bidirectional Inrush Current Limit and Boost OutputShort Protection
 Switching MOSFET Short Detection and Protection
 10V Gate Drive
 Wide Input and Output Voltage Range Up to 100V
 Feedback Voltage Tolerance: ±1.0% Over Temperature
 Bidirectional Programmable Current Regulation andMonitoring
 Extensive Self-Test, Diagnostics and Fault Reporting
 Programmable Fixed or Synchronizable SwitchingFrequency: 80kHz to 600kHz
 Programmable Soft-Start and Dynamic Current Limit
 Masterless, Fault Tolerant Current Sharing


 Dual Battery Automotive and Industrial Systems
 High Power System Backup and Supply Stabilization
 “N+1” Redundant, High Reliability Power Supplies
 Power Interrupt Protection System







Demonstration circuit 2351A is a high voltage, high efficiencysynchronous buck or boost DC/DC converter. It isdesigned to have 36V to 56V on one side and 8V to 14Von the other side. It can supply a 35A maximum outputcurrent in buck mode and delivers 7A of current in boostmode. The demo board features the LT8228EFE controller.

This part can seamlessly transition from bucking toboosting. With built-in circuit breaker function and otherprotection features, the LT8228 is ideal for high reliabilitysystems requiring N+1 redundancy or other protectionsin industrial, automotive, medical, military, and avionicsapplications.

The DC2351A is designed to be paralleled with otherDC2351A boards to increase the total output current.With adequate heatsinking or airflow, the output currentcan be increased.




图8.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(1)

图9.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(2)

图10.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(3)

图11.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(4)

图12.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(5)

图13.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(6)

图14.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(7)

图15.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(8)

图16.演示板DC2351A PCB设计图(9)

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