AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

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AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

发表于 2018-04-11 15:25:00

TI公司的AWR1243是单片77GHz和79GHz频率调制连续波(FMCW)收发器,具有基于分数N PLL的超精密啁啾引擎,简化了汽车雷达传感器在76-81GHz的实现方案.采用低功耗45nm RFCMOS工艺,单片实现了内置PLL和A2D转换器的3TX,4RX系统.TX发送功率12dBm,RX噪音15dB (76-77GHz), 16dB(77-81GHz),1MHz时的相位噪音–94 dBc/Hz (76-77 GHz),–91 dBc/Hz (77 - 81 GHz),内置了校准和自测试等功能.主要用在自动高速公路驾驶,自动紧急刹车和自适应巡航控制.本文介绍了AWR1243主要特性,功能框图,短中远距离雷达框图,参考电路,以及AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板主要特性,框图,电路图,材料清单和PCB设计图.

The AWR1243 device is an integrated single-chip FMCW transceiver capable of operation in the 76- to 81-GHz band. The device enables unprecedented levels of integration in an extremely small form factor. AWR1243 is an ideal solution for low power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate radar systems in the automotive space.

The AWR1243 device is a self-contained FMCW transceiver single-chip solution that simplifies the implementation of Automotive Radar sensors in the band of 76 to 81 GHz. It is built on TI’s low-power 45-nm RFCMOS process, which enables a monolithic implementation of a 3TX, 4RX system with built-in PLL and A2D converters. Simple programming model changes can enable a wide variety of sensor implementation (Short, Mid, Long) with the possibility of dynamic reconfiguration for implementing a multimode sensor. Additionally, the device is provided as a complete platform solution including reference hardware design, software drivers, sample configurations, API guide, and user documentation.


FMCW Transceiver

Integrated PLL, Transmitter, Receiver, Baseband, and A2D

76- to 81-GHz Coverage With 4 GHz Available Bandwidth

Four Receive Channels

Three Transmit Channels (Two Can be Used Simultaneously)

Ultra-Accurate Chirp Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL

TX Power: 12 dBm

RX Noise Figure:

15 dB (76 to 77 GHz)

16 dB (77 to 81 GHz)

Phase Noise at 1 MHz:

–94 dBc/Hz (76 to 77 GHz)

–91 dBc/Hz (77 to 81 GHz)

Built-in Calibration and Self-Test

Built-in Firmware (ROM)

Self-calibrating System Across Frequency and Temperature

Host Interface

Control Interface With External Processor Over SPI

Data Interface With External Processor Over MIPI D-PHY and CSI2 V1.1

Interrupts for Fault Reporting

ASIL B Capable

AECQ100 Qualified

AWR1243 Advanced Features

Embedded Self-monitoring With No Host Processor Involvement

Complex Baseband Architecture

Option of Cascading Multiple Devices to Increase Channel Count

Embedded Interference Detection Capability

Power Management

Built-in LDO Network for Enhanced PSRR

I/Os Support Dual Voltage 3.3 V/1.8 V

Clock Source

40.0-MHz Crystal With Internal Oscillator

Supports External Oscillator at 40 and 50 MHz

Easy Hardware Design

0.65-mm Pitch, 161-Pin 10.4 mm × 10.4 mm Flip Chip BGA Package for Easy Assembly and Low-Cost PCB Design

Small Solution Size

Supports Automotive Temperature Operating Range


• Automated Highway Driving

• Automatic Emergency Braking

• Adaptive Cruise Control

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图


AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板

The AWR1443 BoosterPack™ is an easy-to-use evaluation board for the single-chip AWR1443 mmWavesensing device from TI, with direct connectivity to the TI MCU LaunchPad™ ecosystem. The evaluationboard contains everything needed to start developing on a low-power ARM®-R4F controller. Theevaluation board includes onboard emulation for programming and debugging, onboard buttons, andLEDs, for quick integration of a simple user interface. The standard 20-pin BoosterPack headers make the evaluation board compatible with a wide variety of TI MCU LaunchPads and enables easy prototyping.

The AWR1243 BoosterPack is an evaluation board for the AWR1243 mmWave high-performance frontend. The evaluation platform enables raw capture of ADC data from the front end and evaluation of RFperformance.

AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板主要特性:

• 40-pin LaunchPad standard that leverages the LaunchPad ecosystem

• XDS110-based JTAG emulation with serial port, for onboard QSPI flash programming (for AWR1443)

• Backchannel UART through USB to PC, for logging purposes

• Onboard antenna

• 60-pin high density (HD) connector, for raw ADC data over CSI, or the high-speed debug interface

• Onboard CAN transceiver (for AWR1443)

• One button and two LEDs, for user interaction

• 5-V power jack, to power the board

AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板包括:


• Mounting brackets, screws, and nuts, to allow placing the PCB vertical

• Mirco USB cable to connect to the PC

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图8.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板外形图

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图9.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板框图

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图10.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(1)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图11.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(2)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图12.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(3)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图13.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(4)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图14.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(5)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图15.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(6)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图16.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(7)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图17.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(8)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图18.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(9)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图19.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(10)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图20.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(11)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图21.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(12)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图22.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(13)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图23.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(14)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图24.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板电路图(15)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图25.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板PCB设计图(1)

AWR1243主要特性 功能_PCB设计图

图26.AWR1443 BoosterPack™评估板PCB设计图(2)






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