MAX32660及评估板MAX32660 EVK主要特性

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MAX32660及评估板MAX32660 EVK主要特性

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Maxim公司的MAX32660是具有浮点单元(FPU)的超低功耗ARM MCU,集成了灵活和多种电源管理单元,高达256KB闪存和96KB RAM,16KB指令缓存,支持SPI,UART和I2C通信,工作温度-40℃到+105℃,主要用在运动手表,健身监视器,可穿戴医用贴片,手持医疗设备和工业传感器以及物联网(IoT).本文介绍了MAX32660主要优势和特性,简化框图,系统时钟框图以及评估板MAX32660 EVK主要特性,电路图和材料清单.

The MAX32660 is an ultra-low power, cost-effective, highly-integrated microcontroller designed for battery-powered devices and wireless sensors. It combines a flexible and versatile power management unit with the powerful Arm® Cortex®-M4 with floating point unit (FPU). The MAX32660 enables designs with complex sensor processing without compromising battery life. It also offers legacy designs an easy and cost optimal upgrade path from 8- or 16-bit microcontrollers.

The device integrates up to 256KB of flash memory and 96KB of RAM to accommodate application and sensor code. It supports SPI, UART, and I2C communication in a tiny form factor: 1.6mm x 1.6mm 16-bump WLP or 5mm x 5mm 20-pin TQFN-EP.


High-Efficiency Microcontroller for Wearable DevicesInternal Oscillator Operates Up to 96MHz
256KB Flash Memory
96KB SRAM, Optionally Preserved in Lowest Power Backup Mode
16KB Instruction Cache
Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
Low 1.1V VCORE Supply Voltage
3.6V GPIO Operating Range
Internal LDO Provides Operation from Single Supply
Wide Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +105℃
Power Management Maximizes Uptime for Battery Applications85μA/MHz Active Executing from Flash
2μA Full Memory Retention Power in Backup Mode at VDD = 1.8V
570nA Ultra-Low Power RTC at VDD = 1.8V
Internal 8kHz Ring Oscillator
Optimal Peripheral Mix Provides Platform ScalabilityUp to 14 General-Purpose I/O Pins
Up to Two SPI Master/Slave
I2S Master/Slave
Up to Two UARTs
Up to Two I2C Master/Slave
Four-Channel Standard DMA Controller
Three 32-Bit Timers
Watchdog Timer
CMOS-Level 32.768kHz RTC Output


Sports Watches
Fitness Monitors
Wearable Medical Patches
Portable Medical Devices
Industrial Sensors

[原创] Maxim MAX32660超低功耗ARM MCU可穿戴应用方案


[原创] Maxim MAX32660超低功耗ARM MCU可穿戴应用方案


评估板MAX32660 EVK

The MAX32660 evaluation kit provides a compact devel­opment platform that provides access to all the features of the MAX32660 in a tiny, easy to use board. The form factor is a small 0.6in by 0.9in dual-row header footprint that is compatible with breadboards. The board includes a 10-pin Arm® Cortex® debug connector so that it can be used with a DAPLink adapter. Additionally, a red LED indi­cator and a pushbutton are on board. This board provides a powerful processing subsystem in a very small space that can be easily integrated into a variety of applications.

评估板MAX32660 EVK包括:

MAX32660 EV kit board
MAX32625PICO programming/debug adapter
SWD ribbon cable
USB A to Micro B cable
Pinout card

评估板MAX32660 EVK主要特性:

MAX32660 Microcontroller Arm Cortex-M4F, 96MHz
256KB Flash Memory
16KB Instruction Cache
Two SPIs
Two I2Cs
14 GPIOs
DIP Breakout Board 100mil Pitch Dual Inline Pin Headers
Breadboard Compatible
DAPLink Header 10-Pin Arm Cortex Debug Pinout
Console UART Connection
Integrated Peripherals Red Indicator LED
User Pushbutton
MAX32625PICO Debug Adapter CMSIS-DAP SWD Debugger
Virtual UART Console

[原创] Maxim MAX32660超低功耗ARM MCU可穿戴应用方案

图3.评估板MAX32660 EVK外形图

[原创] Maxim MAX32660超低功耗ARM MCU可穿戴应用方案

图4.评估板MAX32660 EVK电路图
评估板MAX32660 EVK材料清单:

[原创] Maxim MAX32660超低功耗ARM MCU可穿戴应用方案







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