SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

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SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

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TI公司的CC3100是SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi网络处理器,可以连接任何低成本低功耗的MCU到物联网(IoT).器件集成了Wi-Fi和互联网所有的协议,从而大大减少了主MCU的软件要求.CC3100提供了完整的解决方案平台,包括各种工具和软件,应用案例,用户和编程指南,参考设计和E2E支持社区.本文介绍了CC3100主要特性,硬件框图和软件框图,SimpleLink Wi-Fi解决方案功能框图和应用电路,以及电动汽车服务装备(EVSE)加装Wi-Fi功能参考设计TIDC-EVSE-WIFI主要特性,电路图,材料清单和PCB设计图.

The CC3100 device is the industry’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED chip used in the wireless networking solution. The CC3100 device is part of the new SimpleLink Wi-Fi family that dramatically simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity. The CC3100 device integrates all protocols for Wi-Fi and Internet, which greatly minimizes host MCU software requirements. With built-in security protocols, the CC3100 solution provides a robust and simple security experience. Additionally, the CC3100 device is a complete platform solution including various tools and software, sample applications, user and programming guides, reference designs and the TI E2E™ support community. The CC3100 device is available in an easy-to-layout QFN package.

The Wi-Fi network processor subsystem features a Wi-Fi Internet-on-a-Chip and contains an additional dedicated ARM MCU that completely offloads the host MCU. This subsystem includes an 802.11 b/g/n radio, baseband, and MAC with a powerful crypto engine for fast, secure Internet connections with 256-bit encryption. The CC3100 device supports Station, Access Point, and Wi-Fi Direct modes. The device also supports WPA2 personal and enterprise security and WPS 2.0. This subsystem includes embedded TCP/IP and TLS/SSL stacks, HTTP server, and multiple Internet protocols.

The power-management subsystem includes integrated DC-DC converters supporting a wide range of supply voltages. This subsystem enables low-power consumption modes, such as the hibernate with RTC mode requiringabout 4 µA of current.

The CC3100 device can connect to any 8, 16, or 32-bit MCU over the SPI or UART Interface. The device driver minimizes the host memory footprint requirements requiring less than 7KB of code memory and 700 B of RAM memory for a TCP client application.


CC3100 SimpleLink Wi-Fi Consists of Wi-Fi Network Processor and Power-Management Subsystems


Wi-Fi Network Processor Subsystem

Featuring Wi-Fi Internet-On-a-Chip™

Dedicated ARM MCU

Completely Offloads Wi-Fi and Internet Protocols from the External Microcontroller

Wi-Fi Driver and Multiple Internet Protocols in ROM

802.11 b/g/n Radio, Baseband, and Medium Access Control (MAC), Wi-Fi Driver, and Supplicant

TCP/IP Stack

Industry-Standard BSD Socket Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

8 Simultaneous TCP or UDP Sockets

2 Simultaneous TLS and SSL Sockets

Powerful Crypto Engine for Fast, Secure Wi-Fi and Internet Connections with 256-Bit AES Encryption for TLS and SSL Connections

Station, AP, and Wi-Fi Direct® Modes

WPA2 Personal and Enterprise Security

SimpleLink Connection Manager for Autonomous and Fast Wi-Fi Connections

SmartConfig™ Technology, AP Mode, and WPS2 for Easy and Flexible Wi-Fi Provisioning

TX Power

18.0 dBm @ 1 DSSS

14.5 dBm @ 54 OFDM

RX Sensitivity

–95.7 dBm @ 1 DSSS

–74.0 dBm @ 54 OFDM

Application Throughput

UDP: 16 Mbps

TCP: 13 Mbps

Host Interface

Interfaces with 8-, 16-, and 32-Bit MCU or ASICs Over SPI or UART Interface

Low External Host Driver Footprint: Less Than 7KB of Code Memory and 700 B of RAM Memory Required for TCP Client Application

Power-Management Subsystem

Integrated DC-DC Supports a Wide Range of Supply Voltage:

VBAT Wide-Voltage Mode: 2.1 to 3.6 V

Preregulated 1.85-V Mode

Advanced Low-Power Modes

Hibernate with RTC: 4 µA

Low-Power Deep Sleep (LPDS): 115 µA

RX Traffic (MCU Active): 53 mA @ 54 OFDM

TX Traffic (MCU Active): 223 mA @ 54 OFDM, Maximum Power

Idle Connected: 690 µA @ DTIM = 1

Clock Source

40.0-MHz Crystal with Internal Oscillator

32.768-kHz Crystal or External RTC Clock

Package and Operating Temperature

0.5-mm Pitch, 64-Pin, 9-mm × 9-mm QFN

Ambient Temperature Range: –40℃ to 85℃

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

图3.CC3100SimpleLink Wi-Fi解决方案功能框图

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案



This verified TI Design details how to implementJ1772-compliant level 1 and level 2 electric vehicleservice equipment (EVSE) with added Wi-Fi®functionality. The CC3100 network processor enableshighly embedded devices like the EVSE to easilyconnect to an existing wireless network or directly to adevice. By integrating this functionality in an EVSE, thedesign is capable of remote-power monitoring andcontrol of the charging state of the connected electricvehicle.


• Full Implementation of J1772-Compliant ServiceEquipment

• Wi-Fi Support for Remote Monitoring and Controlof EVSE

• High Current Relay Drivers for Support of HighCurrent Contactors

• Standardized Pilot Wire Signaling Protocol

• Integrated Utility Meter-Grade EnergyMeasurement

• Option for Communication Daughter Card Add-in

Featured Applications

• Level 1 and Level 2 Electric Vehicle ServiceEquipment (EVSE)

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案


SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案



SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

图13.参考设计TIDC-EVSE-WIFI PCM设计图(1)

SimpleLink Wi-Fi的解决方案

图14.参考设计TIDC-EVSE-WIFI PCM设计图(2)






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