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  See Table Register, optionally shifted by constant

  《Operand2》 See Table Flexible Operand 2. Shift and rotate are only available as part of Operand2. 《reglist》 A comma-separated list of registers, enclosed in braces { and }。

  《fields》 See Table PSR fields. 《reglist-PC》 As 《reglist》, must not include the PC.

  《PSR》 Either CPSR (Current Processor Status Register) or SPSR (Saved Processor Status Register) 《reglist+PC》 As 《reglist》, including the PC.

  C*, V* Flag is unpredictable in Architecture v4 and earlier, unchanged in Architecture v5 and later. +/- + or –。 (+ may be omitted.)

  《Rs|sh》 Can be Rs or an immediate shift value. The values allowed for each shift type are the same as those § See Table ARM architecture versions.

  shown in Table Register, optionally shifted by constant. 《iflags》 Interrupt flags. One or more of a, i, f (abort, interrupt, fast interrupt)。

  x,y B meaning half-register [15:0], or T meaning [31:16]。 《p_mode》 See Table Processor Modes

  《imm8m》 ARM: a 32-bit constant, formed by right-rotating an 8-bit value by an even number of bits. SPm SP for the processor mode specified by 《p_mode》

  Thumb: a 32-bit constant, formed by left-shifting an 8-bit value by any number of bits, or a bit 《lsb》 Least significant bit of bitfield.

  pattern of one of the forms 0xXYXYXYXY, 0x00XY00XY or 0xXY00XY00. 《width》 Width of bitfield. 《width》 + 《lsb》 must be 《= 32.

  《prefix》 See Table Prefixes for Parallel instructions {X} RsX is Rs rotated 16 bits if X present. Otherwise, RsX is Rs.

  {IA|IB|DA|DB} Increment After, Increment Before, Decrement After, or Decrement Before. {!} Updates base register after data transfer if ! present (pre-indexed)。

  IB and DA are not available in Thumb state. If omitted, defaults to IA. {S} Updates condition flags if S present.

  《size》 B, SB, H, or SH, meaning Byte, Signed Byte, Halfword, and Signed Halfword respectively. {T} User mode privilege if T present.

  SB and SH are not available in STR instructions. {R} Rounds result to nearest if R present, otherwise truncates result





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