CMOS 300MSPS完整的数字显示示波器AD9854数据表

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  The AD9854 digital synthesizer is a highly integrated device that uses advanced DDS technology, coupled with two internal high speed, high performance quadrature DACs to form a digitally programmable I and Q synthesizer function. When referenced to an accurate clock source, the AD9854 generates highly stable, frequency-phase, amplitude-programmable sine and cosine outputs that can be used as an agile LO in communications, radar, and many other applications. The innovative high speed DDS core of the AD9854 provides 48-bit frequency resolution (1 μHz tuning resolution with 300 MHz SYSCLK)。 Maintaining 17 bits ensures excellent SFDR. The circuit architecture of the AD9854 allows the generation of simultaneous quadrature output signals at frequencies up to 150 MHz, which can be digitally tuned at a rate of up to 100 million new frequencies per second. The sine wave output (externally filtered) can be converted to a square wave by the internal comparator for agile clock generator applications. The device provides two 14-bit phase registers and a single pin for BPSK operation.
CMOS 300MSPS完整的数字显示示波器AD9854数据表