5.76 W非隔离、可控硅调光、高功率因数、降压升压式LED驱动器

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  1 Introduction

  The document describes a non-isolated, high power factor (PF), TRIAC dimmable LED

  driver designed to drive a nominal LED string voltage of 48 V at 120 mA from an input

  voltage range of 185 VAC to 265 VAC (50 Hz typical)。 The LED driver utilizes the

  LYT4322E from the LYTSwitch-4 family of ICs.

  The topology used is a single-stage non-isolated buck-boost that provides high power

  factor, constant current regulation, and delivers excellent dimming performance.

  This document contains the LED driver specification, schematic, PCB details, bill of

  materials, transformer documentation and typical performance characteristics.





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